Denver, CO Motion to Ask the Criminal Court Judge to Let Your Dog Out of Dog Jail


Motion for Impound Hearing (Denver only)

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Motion for Impound Hearing (Denver only)

    1. -This motion is specific to DENVER ONLY!
    2. -If you are charged with ownership of a dangerous animal by a Denver Animal Control Officer, and your dog has been taken from you (I.e., impounded) this is the motion you need to ask the judge to let him/her out.
    3. -You MUST file this motion in the court where your criminal case is within 10 days from the date your dog was impounded or else you waive your right to contest the impound for the duration of your case.
    4. -This motion also lets you ask the judge to lower the monthly “costs of care” fees you have to pay while your dog is impounded.

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