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Proudly Serving New Jersey with Comprehensive Animal Law Legal Services

We understand how deeply pet owners care for their pets. So, when a hard legal situation comes your and your pet’s way, we are here to help you navigate it. Whether it is a dog bite defense, a breeder contract dispute, or even just tricky paperwork as a pet facility, we provide comprehensive legal help for underdogs facing legal troubles in New Jersey.

Our dedicated team of New Jersey animal attorneys loves caring for both pet owners and their loved animals. We understand the unique challenges that our clients face when addressing legal issues concerning their animals. We are proud to offer comprehensive animal law services to animal owners throughout New Jersey. Whether you live in Newark, Trenton or somewhere on the shore, we have the capacity and resources to provide the same level of high-quality legal representation. We treat each case as if it were our own and that will be evident in the personalized attention and zealous advocacy that we provide throughout the duration of your case. No matter the legal situation we will provide passionate representation and assistance for you in navigating New Jersey animal law.

If you’re looking for a New Jersey Animal Attorney who will fight for you and pet, look no further than The Animal Law Firm. We can help with any of the services listed below and much more. Contact us today.

Dog Bite Defense

It is every dog owners worst nightmare to hear that their pet is being accused of biting someone. If your pet has been accused of injuring someone, due to New Jersey’s strict dog bite laws you should seek out a New Jersey animal attorney. There are many reasons why someone may accuse a dog owner of negligence and allowing a dog bite to occur, including financial gain, insurance, and more. To make sure that you and your pet are legally protected and well advocated for, professional help is often the best course of action.

Pet Custody

If you had a pet with someone who you either divorced or broke up with, it often comes into question who gets custody over your pet. Pet custody laws vary widely by state, and New Jersey animal law is no exception. To help you get a handle on what can help you win custody of your pet, and how to support your case as someone who lives in New Jersey, we advise you seek the help of a professional animal law attorney.

Service and Emotional Support Animals

If you are someone in New Jersey who either trains or has a Service animal or an Emotional Support Animal (ESA) it is important to know the legal difference between the two. Having either type of animal comes with its own legal rights and protections, but it may be helpful to have a New Jersey animal attorney help discern the difference and advocate for you and your animal. Learn more about your rights concerning Emotional Support animals and Service animals in New Jersey here.

Equine Law

Equine law involves any legal conflict or dispute over horses or their owners. Unlike the typical household pet legal dispute, Equine law is historically misunderstood by the courts. That’s why we strongly advise professional help, and why we provide assistance on issues such as lesson contract disputes, boarding issues, equine liens, and more. The high cost of caring for a horse can often heighten tension that already exists over these disputes, and our New Jersey animal attorneys are here to help.

Pet Trusts

We understand just how important pets are to the families that they are a part of. They aren’t just animals, they are family members. As such, we often have clients who hope to ensure that their pets are cared for after they die. Rather than naming your pet in your will (since they can’t possess property) pet trusts are a great way to ensure that your pet is well cared for. For help on what your pet trust should look like, and to get it done proactively for the benefit of your pet, our experienced New Jersey animal attorneys are here for you.



We know how important your furry family member is to you. Whether they have no legs, two legs, or four or more legs, our priority is making sure you and your pet receive the best representation possible.

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