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When most people think of the situations they might encounter that would demand legal counsel, they may not immediately think of their pets, service animals, or working animals. Yet, the reality is that legal cases arise all over the country every day that pertain directly to animal rights, animal ownership disputes, and even criminal cases involving animals.

New Jersey Animal Law Attorney

Representing Animals’ and Animal Owners’ Rights in New Jersey

Attorney Kristina Bergsten has years of experience practicing animal law and offers compassionate, comprehensive legal counsel to animals and their owners in New Jersey. Suppose you have encountered any legal issue involving your pet, service animal, or a working animal on your farm or business. In that case, the Animal Law Firm can provide the guidance and support you need to navigate the case with confidence.

Cases We Handle

Attorney Bergsten and the team at the Animal Law Firm can provide comprehensive legal counsel in a wide range of civil and criminal cases involving animals. Some of the most common types of cases our firm accepts include:

  • Pet custody disputes. When couples divorce, they may need to settle custody of their children and custody of their pets. Both spouses may be emotionally attached to their pets, and a New Jersey animal law attorney is the ideal resource for you to navigate any pet custody dispute with greater ease.
  • Civil lawsuits for police misconduct. It’s unfortunate and tragic that many police officers react poorly to dogs when responding to emergency calls. As a result, many beloved family pets have been killed by police who have used unreasonable force in various situations. If police shot your dog unjustifiably, our team could help you hold the officer and their department accountable.
  • Dog bite defense. If your dog bites another person, you could be liable for the resulting damages. New Jersey enforces a strict liability rule for dog bites, meaning a dog’s owner is liable if their dog bites someone else. However, provocation of the dog or attacking the dog’s owner would negate the bite victim’s ability to sue. Additionally, the dog’s owner would not be liable if the dog bit someone who broke into their home.
  • Service and support animal disputes. If you or a loved one needs a service animal, you have various rights in New Jersey that business owners and other property owners must respect. If you believe you have been mistreated or your service or support animal rights have been violated in any way, we can help.
  • Animal rescue representation. Animal rescues and sanctuaries throughout the US perform an incredibly valuable service for animals. However, the people who run these establishments often need legal guidance in navigating the complex legal statutes surrounding their businesses. Our firm can help animal rescue and sanctuary owners address their legal concerns and ensure their businesses are fully compliant with applicable regulations.
  • Animal trainer, groomer, and pet-sitter claims. Business owners who earn their living by providing pet-related services can face civil claims from their clients due to unpredictable and often unpreventable situations. If you operate any pet-related business and have been sued by a client due to an issue that was entirely beyond your control, we can help you address the situation with comprehensive legal counsel.
  • Exotic animal cases. Many business owners want to start exotic animal-related operations, and some people living in New Jersey want to own exotic animals as pets. There are detailed legal processes involved in these situations, and it’s vital to consult an animal law attorney who can help you address an exotic animal case appropriately.

These are just a few examples of the types of cases the Animal Law Firm can handle. If you believe you need legal representation in any dispute involving your pet, service animal, or working animal, we can help.

What to Expect From New Jersey Animal Law Attorneys

Many legal cases that arise involving animals pertain to unpredictable events. Animals like dogs and cats can be incredibly well-behaved and part of the family, but they are still animals and can often act in ways their owners and others do not expect. A New Jersey animal law attorney is the best resource to have on your side when another party has harmed your pet or when you have been accused of any negligence or liability for something your pet has done to someone else.

Animal Lawyer New Jersey, PA

When you choose the Animal Law Firm to represent you, our team will carefully review the details of the situation and help you prepare for the subsequent proceedings. Every case is unique, and we take time to get to know every person and animal we represent. We understand that if you face a complex legal battle involving your pet, this situation can pose significant emotional stress on top of practical concerns such as potential liability for another party’s damages. You could also be struggling with the pain of loss if your pet was wrongfully hurt or killed by a negligent police officer, driver, or pet-sitter you trusted to watch them.

Whatever your case entails, you can rely on the team at the Animal Law Firm to provide compassionate legal counsel through every stage of your case. If you are involved in a civil claim against a party who has harmed you or your pet, we’ll help you hold them accountable to the fullest extent possible under New Jersey law. If you become the target of legal action related to your pet, such as a dog bite claim from another party, we can help you compile a robust defense.

Talk to Our Animal Law Attorneys  for Help Today

Time is a critical factor in any legal case. If you have encountered any legal issue involving a pet or service animal, need legal guidance for your animal-focused business, or need to file a civil claim against another party regarding your animal, we can help. Contact the Animal Law Firm today and schedule a consultation with Attorney Bergsten. Our team will evaluate the details of your case and provide the answers you need to your most pressing legal questions.



We know how important your furry family member is to you. Whether they have no legs, two legs, or four or more legs, our priority is making sure you and your pet receive the best representation possible.

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