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Staff Spotlight: Shelby White⭐️

Staff Spotlight⭐️ Shelby White is a Law Clerk here at the Animal Law Firm! Originally from San Antonio, Texas, Shelby graduated from the University of Texas with a degree in Sustainability Studies and Government. Shelby has prior experience working at a mass torts law firm, Texas General Land Office, as well as an internship with the Animal Welfare Institute on the Animals and Family Violence team. Shelby is currently a 2L at the University of Colorado Law School and a member of the Animal Legal Defense Fund Student Chapter! Shelby has always had a strong bond with animals and wanted to help them in any way possible. She stopped eating meat at a young age and has always advocated for animal rights. As Shelby learned more about animal law, she realized there is so much work to be done and help that is needed. It’s a cause that she is extremely passionate about and enjoys fighting for. Shelby has a dog named Scout who just turned one. Scout is a mutt, super cuddly, loves to swim, and will eat anything (AirPods and passports are not safe). Shelby also has a tortoiseshell cat named Piper who is 4, very cuddly, but selective with who she likes. Lastly, she has two guinea pigs named Tofu and Grapes. Tofu is 4, loves to eat veggies, and is pretty calm. Grapes is 3, very loud and mobile, and only has one eye.

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