Kristina Bergsten

Fighting for the Underdog: Replace Denver BSL

New Fighting for the Underdog Podcast episode out now!! Animal Attorney, Kristina Bergsten, interviews Quinn Pigott with Replace Denver BSL. Breed-Specific Legislation discriminates against false, stereotypically-aggressive dog breeds such as pitbulls, german shepherds, and more. Replace Denver BSL wants a breed-neutral safety law that will improve public safety, reduce the incidence of dog bites, and come at a lower cost to the taxpayer. In November of 2020, Denver voters took a step in the right direction by voting to lift the 30-year pit bull ban in favor of a breed-restricted permitting program. Kristina and Quinn discuss the current success of the organization, as well as the future. Learn how you can support this organization and help advocate for animal rights!Find it on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or follow this link:

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