Kristina Bergsten

ALF Fights for Justice for Gunner

On July 6th, 2022, a rescue pup named Gunner was found in his neighbor’s backyard. The neighbor called the police who successfully captured Gunner with a “catch pole.” Confused and scared, Gunner resisted the catch pole a little, but was not lunging, biting, or growling at the officers. In fact, his tail was seen wagging during the whole encounter. Rather than waiting for the humane society, the officers held Gunner down with the catch pole and shot him, killing him instantly. The Animal Law Firm is representing Gunner’s parents in this case, and we are asking anyone with information related to Gunner’s death or the involved police officers to contact our office. We, at ALF,  hope to bring justice to Gunner and his family, as well as to continue the fight for animal rights. Give your pets an extra hug today, and appreciate every second! If you are feeling generous, you can check out Gunner’s GoFundMe page at 

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