Kristina Bergsten

Animal Lawyers Defending Animal Rights Activists

Animal rights activists will do anything to save or protect an animal. Unfortunately, some animal rights activists find themselves on the wrong side of the law facing criminal charges. Charges for theft of an animal or public protests can range anywhere from misdemeanors to felonies to federal criminal charges.

Being charged with a crime is scary. And being charged with a crime for saving the life of another being is awful. While the law and the prosecutors may not understand you and why you would risk your life to save an animal’s life, the animal attorneys at The Animal Law Firm understand. We are ready to help you with our myriad of experience in the world of animal rights activism and criminal defense. We have been helping animal rights’ activists for years: providing guidance and advice, and legal representation when necessary.

If you are charged with a crime related to your animal advocacy, give us a call today for a free 30 minutes consultation.

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