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Colorado Dangerous Dog Laws and how to protect your pet!

Dogs are usually not dangerous or aggressive. They are usually good dogs in bad situations being punished under bad laws. The Colorado attorneys at The Animal Law Firm have the knowledge and experience to help protect your dog if you are charged with ownership of a dangerous dog.

The dangerous dog laws in Colorado are numerous and strict. If your dog is accused of biting another dog, or biting a person can result in your dog being impounded and possibly even euthanized! A small bite or puncture wound is enough to get charged with unlawful ownership of a dangerous dog. If your dog scares someone, that can also sometimes be enough to be charged with dangerous dog! The laws in Colorado are strict, despite Colorado’s reputation for being a dog-friendly state.

In order to keep your furry family member from being labeled as a dangerous dog or aggressive dog, it is important to hire an animal attorney who knows how to navigate Colorado’s Dangerous Dog Statute.

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