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Don’t Share Your Dog with Your Ex

Our Aurora, Colorado Pet Lawyers know a thing or two about trust. Rule #1 is: Don’t trust your ex. Even amicable break-ups can turn into an absolute mess when you start sharing the dog (or cat, or bird, or alpaca, or snake, etc.). It’s best to cut all ties with the person you used to share your life with, and that includes any pets. It’s better for your mental health, and it prevents future heartbreak beyond what you or he/she is already suffering.

After a breakup, it is difficult to get the other person to sit down and reason out dividing up the formerly shared property. Primarily, because the other person will be in a new location. If you have an “exchange location” and you don’t know where your ex lives, then it will be even harder to get that person to cooperate. You will have to hire a private investigator to locate him/her and that can lead to additional frustration and stress.

While it may seem crazy and inconvenient, get your property division in writing and make sure you include the pet!

Our Aurora, Colorado Pet Attorneys would be happy to draft a straight-forward property settlement agreement between you and your ex and prevent future headache and heartache. Call us at 303-623-4000 today to schedule your free 30 minute consultation!

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