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We are in the home stretch – HELP US GET ZION HOME! The appellate court has officially ruled that the trial got it wrong! Per the rules, the appellate court is sending Zion’s case back to the original judge. Let’s make sure the town of Parker hears LOUD AND CLEAR THAT ZION NEEDS TO GO HOME TO HIS FAMILY! The only other option is EUTHANASIA. To help us SAVE ZION call Ruthanne Goff’s office (303.825.6444 or email: and tell her to do the right thing and let Zion go home!!

Zion has been held in solitary confinement for over a year on accusations of being a “bad dog.” To learn more, check out the link to No Kill Colorado:,of%20the%20Town%20of%20Parker

Zion’s Story: “The Denver Dumb Friends League had held a dog named Zion in solitary confinement at the Buddy Center in Castle Rock since November of 2022 for accusations of being a “bad dog.” It is cruel and inhumane to keep any animal locked in a cage for 24 hours without interaction from anyone. DFL and the Town of Parker refuse to give us any information on Zion or his condition, forcing us to file a subpoena which they fought to have it dismissed. Unfortunately, they won. Reasonable attempts at communication with DFL and the Town of Parker have been met with outright hostility, even going so far as to say that our requests that Zion be released to his owner or at least placed in a home until the appeal finishes is harassment. DFL’s attorney advised that her clients “owe [us] nothing,” even though we are only asking about the welfare of Zion. DFL’s incentive in this situation is to keep Zion in their facility for as long as possible because Zion’s owner is being forced to pay for DFL to keep him locked up until the appeal finishes. The appeal could take up to 2 YEARS to finish and Zion’s human father passed away right before he was imprisoned, and his human mother is suffering without Zion and his dad. Zion is all she has left of her late husband and she is desperate not to lose him, too!”

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