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How to Pick the Right Shelter or Rescue to Adopt From

As the holidays approach, lots of people in Denver, Colorado want to add a new furry friend to their family. As always, I caution that you should make sure you are ready and able to take in a new pet because they are FOR LIFE, not for a season. And, I would highly recommend that you ADOPT and not shop for your new, four-legged friend.

The best way to shop for a shelter to adopt from is to check out the websites and reviews (if any). Next, when you narrow down the shelters, make sure you interview the shelter; visit, if you can. A lot of nonprofit shelters are all volunteer run and do not necessarily have a physical location, so it would be good to call and talk to someone to find out whether all their dogs are in foster homes, or where they are physically located. Next, you will want to review any adoption contract THOROUGHLY. A lot of shelters and rescues will require that they maintain what’s known as “the right of first refusal” and/or that you update them with your address if you ever move, allow access to vet records, and allow random home inspections. If any of these terms are violated, the contracts usually say that the shelter or rescue can re-take the possession of the dog from you.

That said, Colorado shelters and rescues are the best option to adopt a pet. They rescue dogs from abysmal situations and give them a second chance at life with you. They are thorough and get to know the dogs they adopt out because they have the time, energy, and love to make sure they match the right dog with the right person.

If you have any further questions, please call our Colorado animal lawyers at The Animal Law Firm at 303-623-4000 in Fort Collins and surrounding areas.

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