Kristina Bergsten

“Nextdoor” and Other “Neighbor” Sites can be Evidence

Are you on “nextdoor” or a similar neighborhood “crime alert” website or application in Colorado? Then be warned that anything you say on that website CAN AND WILL be used against you in a criminal investigation. Same for Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Wordpress and/or any other social media platform that you post on. Our Colorado animal lawyers have seen time and time again a person’s “explanations” to their neighbors on these online forums be used agains them in criminal court. Trust me, as soon as your neighbors get the chance to turn over those NextDoor posts you made explaining how Spot is a good dog and you will make changes to your fence or your yard to keep him confined – they will! Or animal control or local law enforcement will search your zip code to see if you ever wrote anything responding to neighbor complaints about your dog. These complaints and – more importantly – your response will be used against you as evidence that you knew your dog was the neighborhood Cujo.

In short, NEVER post ANYTHING on social media, ever. But if you can’t keep yourself from doing that, then please do yourself a favor and never respond to the extremely dramatic and inflammatory posts contained on these platforms.

If you have made statements, delete them immediately. If you found your statements have been used against you in pressing criminal charges, call an experienced Colorado animal lawyer today at 303-623-4000 to properly handle this evidence.

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