Kristina Bergsten

Pup Pre-Nup

Are you in a relationship? Did you and your partner adopt a pet together? If so, I would recommend having a contract that discusses the disposition of the pet – even if you are not planning to get married.

Most people have heard of “pre-nups”: the contract you have before you get married that says who gets what in case you guys get divorced. While most people do not like the idea of pre-nups, because it somehow taints each person’s level of commitment, it is a pretty good idea. And I would recommend it for couples who are not planning to marry, as well.

If you have ANY shared property – whether it is a house, car, or cat or pot bellied pig, it would be good to know who gets to take what IF the relationship ends. This saves stress on you, your partner, and any living creatures you two bring into your home.

The Animal Attorneys at The Animal Law Firm can help you draft a binding legal agreement that takes the guesswork out of who gets Spot, and what the other person gets if he/she does not get Spot. It helps you have peace of mind and can save you the costs of litigation over Spot, later. You get the benefit of the bargain because you get to control what does and does not go into the contract, instead of leaving it up to some crazy judge who does not give a hoot about animal cases.

Give our Animal Attorneys a call today to discuss your options regarding your animal and your relationship!

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