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Staff Spotlight: Jessica Schultz⭐️

Staff Spotlight⭐️ Jessica Schultz, Esquire with the Animal Law Firm, will be Fighting for the Underdog in TN, one of the states we are NOW SERVING! Jessica was born and raised in Tell City, IN, but has called Nashville, TN home for the last 17 years. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice/Pre-law from Ball State University and her J.D. from Nashville School of Law. In her free time, Jessica enjoys dancing, hiking and volunteering at local animal rescues or pro-bono clinics. She also enjoys spending time with her 3 boys, who consist of human, canine and feline. Her cat, Memphis, and her dog, Priest, are her daily reminders of why she is so passionate about animal advocacy. Jessica has always seen animals as sentient beings so when she learned that the law classifies them as merely property, it opened her eyes to the major need for advocacy. Now as an attorney, Jessica can truly be a voice for the forever voiceless, & she is excited to align with ALF to help more people and their animals. One tip she has for keeping your pets happy and healthy is to “put yourself in your pet’s paws”! Jessica believes pets are vulnerable, voiceless creatures who rely on us, their guardians, for their every need. While they bring us so much joy and companionship, they also bring along major responsibility and potential liability. We are excited to see the amazing impacts that Jessica will make for people and pets!

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