Kristina Bergsten

Veterinary Malpractice in the Modern Era

In Colorado, the most important part of beginning a veterinary malpractice lawsuit is to have what is called a “certificate of merit.” This is required by the Colorado Rules of Civil Procedure. It is also required by other states in the U.S., however, the certificate of merit may be called something else in another state, so make sure to check your state’s rules, or better yet, speak with a local animal attorney, to make sure you are starting off on the right foot.

It is very difficult to find a veterinarian to write the certificate of merit because there is a lot of industry-wide protection; kind of like a “code of silence” among veterinarians. “I won’t tell on you if you won’t tell on me,” sort of mentality. Fortunately, our experienced pet lawyers have developed working relationships with veterinarians who aren’t scared to tell the truth and help pet owners get justice for their pets.

The next step is gathering enough evidence and supporting documents of the veterinarian’s negligence, and your related financial losses to support an award that exceeds the historical “replacement value” of pets. In the modern era, through creative advocacy, our animal lawyers are able to negotiate settlements that are larger than the mere “replacement value” of your beloved pet. Our animal attorneys with gather evidence to show your and/or your family’s relationship with your pet and use persuasive story-telling to truly capture the loss you have endured.

In the modern era, veterinary malpractice is changing and victims are receiving awards larger and larger awards.

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