CO Complaint for When Someone Injures Your Service Animal, or Prevents him/her from Doing his/her Job


State Violations Under CADA (Colorado Anti-Discrimination Act)

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State Violations under CADA (Colorado Anti-Discrimination Act)

  1. -This is used when a private person (i.e., a friend, neighbor, restaurant owner, or complete stranger) interferes with a disabled person’s use of their service animal. This can be anything from shooting and killing the dog, maiming the dog, injuring the dog (temporarily or permanently), or doing any act, regardless of how big or small, that stops the disabled person from being able to use his/her dog.
    1. -This complaint also includes conversion and intentional infliction of emotional distress so you can ask for money damages.
      1. -Conversion is an old school legal word for: give me money for taking my pet from me. It’s kind of like civil theft, but how they got possession of your pet doesn’t matter so much as they took possession and you have a right to have your pet. You can get money for the time the other person had possession of your pet.
      2. -Intentional infliction of emotional distress is the way you ask the court for money for the emotional distress the other person put on you by taking your pet from you.

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