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We are now: The Animal Law Firm!

Bergsten Law Firm Announces Name Change to The Animal Law Firm

Denver, Colorado (January 18, 2021)—Bergsten Law Firm, an animal law firm in Denver, Colorado, announces today their name change from Bergsten Law Offices to The Animal Law Firm.

”As part of my focus on animals, animal welfare and animal disputes in Colorado I believe it is appropriate to rebrand my law practice to more specifically reflect our four year history and mission of focusing on the animals in Colorado. I am are very excited about the introduction of our new company name; The Animal Law Firm, because it allows us to better represent our firm to our clients and community,” says the law firm’s owner, Kristina Bergsten.

Bergsten’s law firm has been practicing in Denver for four years and specializing in animal law the entire time. The law firm will continue to represent cases for all types of animals, pet owners and animal organizations. The name change will not change what they do or who they serve, it will only more accurately represent what they do and who they serve.


About The Animal Law Firm

A Denver based law firm specializing in animal law. Their Expertise is in all areas of animal law: breed ban defense, dog bite defense, service and emotional support animal representation, animal rescues, sanctuaries, and shelters, animal trainers, groomers, and pet sitters, and exotic and wild animals.

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